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Eos Green
Received two days ago

The snow in Canada is very thick and the shoes keep warm I bought it before Black Friday and now I see that the postage is free.


My aj shoelace broke and I was so angry and got a headache. I bought these shoelaces and they match

Calificado en Estados Unidos el 15 de noviembre de 2020 Size: 10 Men

I put 9,000 to 13,000 steps a day on my feet. (I work maintenance in a hotel). I was wearing the $30 Walmart Interceptor boots. They were good and really took a beating. After 9 months I had gone through 3 pair of laces and 4 pair of cushioned soles. They were causing a bunion on my left foot and I had to start wearing a band-aide every day to prevent further irritation. Then I saw these shoes on FB after I had been searching for a better made pair of work boots. I was patient and looked for a few weeks before I made the decision. They arrived very fast and I was reluctant at first just because of the material difference. I am here to tell you they did I not disappoint. I wore them on my day off just to see how they felt. Like it has been said above, there is no break-in time necessary. They are soft and when I take them off, it is like you stepped off a cloud. The steel toe is very comfortable and they handle very nicely. It was also said above that there is no ankle support. I agree. These are not shoes that you would want to be climbing trees in. However, I run up and down a ladder all day and they are fine. Someone also said that they were hard to get on. Not after you have worn them a time or two. They slip on and off pretty smooth. (They even give you a pull strap to help your heel slide on). The laces are quality and with how the boots are made, I do not see them being worn out every few months. They come with what appears to be a cushioned sole. I took that puppy out and put in one of my new pair and it increased the comfort considerably. I really dig the tread and the stability when walking is amazing. They are certainly worth the money. So far so good. If the quality diminishes over the next months, I will give an update. But for now I really like them better than my other three pairs of steel toed work boots.

I will buy again.

I will buy again. want gray

Seus Grey
Size: 9 Women/7 Men

Perfect lightweight steel toe shoes for work I love them these are my 2nd pair of them

Satisfied with this purchase

These shoes are comfortable, I walk most of the time standing they watch, Now it’s so good, I can stand for 8-10 hours a day and my feet are not at all, It hurts, It feels good, They look even better than the steel-toed shoes I usually see. very satisfied with this purchase.

Menelaus Grey
Pasany & Rosue
Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2020

I use them as a slip on, tied the laces loosely and just slide foot in and out. the sole is a soft foam which makes it feel like walking on air, Good product 👌 love it!